Cacti Crazy

This past summer, I became obsessed with pictures of houseplants, mostly inspired by this post.  Come on, those rooms are absolutely amazing.  Anyway, it turns out I do not have such a green thumb when it comes to different varieties of houseplants.  Luckily for me, I really, really love the way cacti look grouped together in a room as shown in the photo above, which was taken in my bedroom.  Yes, I wake up to a row of cacti topped off with a poster of Bob Dylan staring at me, but whatever.

Cacti are, obviously, super easy to maintain and they are extremely affordable.  The smaller ones, like the one in the right photo above, are about $2.50.  My priciest succulent, the tall dragon tree in the middle of the left photo, only cost me about seven bucks.  The lamp up there is from Home Depot – you can’t see it too well in the photo, but its shade has a really beautiful weave to it.

Half the fun of collecting so many little cacti is the opportunity to find some really neat pots. It is very scary to re-pot cacti, I do not recommend this – if you insist upon doing it, definitely wear some sturdy gloves. I like the look of plain clay pots, and while they are dirt cheap (har har) at places like Lowe’s, they are even cheaper at thrift stores and you can often buy them there in bulk.  Most of the ones I have came from random thrift stores around Austin, but I did splurge on the wooden planter in the photo above.  I saw it at  The Great Outdoors Nursery on South Congress and splurged for its $10 price tag.  The little piece of pottery next to it was found at this weekend’s City-Wide Garage Sale for 75 cents.

Some of these pieces of pottery serve as great decoration pieces whether they have something in them or not.  With the two items above, I don’t plan on putting plants in them anytime soon. I like them the way they are and I think the emptiness balances out the long row of plants on the other side of my dresser.  These two came from the garage sale (left) and Neiman Marcus Last Call (right). The LP came from Thrift Town here in Austin – I bought it solely for the artwork and framed it with a frame I purchased at Target.

I suppose that’s about it for plants.  I did come across this awesome hanging planter, so something of the sort could be in my future.  Catch ya’ll later.


Photos taken with my Nikon D60, 50mm lens.

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